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Same-Day Expert Service and Repair for All Major High-End Refrigerator Brands in Orlando and counties.

If you’re looking for professional refrigerator repair in Orlando and counties, Plaha Appliance is here to help. A functioning fridge is vital in hot Orlando and counties, which is why we offer same-day service. Our certified professionals have years of experience and the necessary tools to fix any issue with high-quality refrigerators.

We can fix any problems on the same day, including noise, leaks, and ice-making problems. We offer our services throughout orange County, making it easy to find a reliable repair company near you.

We provide a warranty on our repair service to ensure your fridge continues to work correctly after we complete our repairs. Our technicians can perform regular maintenance checks to prevent breakdowns and ensure your fridge is running efficiently.

Don’t let a malfunctioning fridge ruin your day. Contact Plaha Appliance Repair for professional, reliable, and affordable service. Get your fridge fixed by the experts with same-day repair services.

Top most commons refrigerator repairs

Refrigerator is too warm

How to Troubleshoot

  • Make sure the fridge is receiving power
  • Adjust the refrigerator thermostat
  • Unblock the vents for the fridge and freezer
  • Vacuum the coils under or behind the refrigerator

A properly functioning refrigerator should have a constant temperature of between 37 and 41 degrees. If the refrigerator does not get cold even after trying the above tips, the condenser or evaporator fan may be defective. These refrigerator problems must be rectified by a specialist

Broken Ice Maker or Water Dispenser

How to Troubleshoot

  • Pull the fridge away from the wall and look for any kinks or tears in the water supply line
  • Make sure the water inlet valve is open
  • Check the water filter for debris and replace it if necessary

Modern fridge-freezers often have built-in ice makers and water dispensers for added convenience. If your fridge suddenly stops dispensing water or making ice, you can check the water supply lines and the inlet valve at the back of the fridge. If the water inlet valve is not the culprit, one of the ice making mechanisms may be faulty. Leave this more in-depth repair to a professional

Refrigerator Is Making Too Much Noise

How to Troubleshoot

  • Unplug the appliance
  • Inspect the back of the fridge for signs of wear and tear on the fans for the condenser
  • Dust and clean the fans

From time to time you may notice that your refrigerator makes noises when it turns. However, very loud or abnormal noises usually indicate a problem with the appliance’s fans. Cleaning the fans can silence a noisy refrigerator, but if the noise persists, you should call in a professional to replace the fans

Too Much Moisture Inside Fridge

How to Troubleshoot

  • Check the door seal
  • Use fridge desiccant as a short-term solution

If you notice puddling, condensation or frost forming inside your refrigerator, the environment inside is too humid. If you live in a very humid environment, improper sealing or opening the refrigerator too often can cause this problem. If the refrigerator is not set to the correct temperature, this can also lead to condensation. A refrigerator desiccant can help in an emergency, but for a long-term solution you should have the refrigerator checked by a professional

Freezer Has Frost Buildup

How to Troubleshoot

  • Inspect the door seal for any damage or cracks

Old freezers are particularly susceptible to frost formation. If you have this problem with your refrigerator, look for a cracked door seal that allows warm, moist air to seep in. If that’s not the problem, there could be something wrong with the refrigerator’s defrost system. You will need a professional for this type of freezer repair

Food in refrigerator freezing up

How to Troubleshoot

  • Adjust the temperature settings (while using a thermometer to ensure it’s below 40 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Check if the thermostat is defective by turning it to the highest setting and listening for a click

If everything in your fridge freezes, it’s probably due to a problem with the thermostat, thermistor or temperature control board. These parts communicate with each other to regulate the temperature of the fridge. You can check if the thermostat is working yourself, but professional help is usually required to check the thermistor or temperature control board

No light inside the refrigerator or one of several bulbs does not work

It is probably sufficient to replace the light bulb, but sometimes the problem is also due to a defective door switch. The door switch can be either mechanical or magnetic and built into the wall of the refrigerator. It can also be due to the plug or worn door cables. In very rare cases, the electronic control board in Frigidaire refrigerators may malfunction

 Fridge Won’t Run After Being Transported

How to Troubleshoot

  • After transport, wait at least four hours before turning the fridge on

When you move your refrigerator to a new home, you should keep it as upright as possible. What happens to a refrigerator when you lay it down? The lubricant escapes from the compressor into the cooling pipes. If you start the appliance too quickly after it has been lying on its side, the compressor can be permanently damaged and the refrigerator will no longer work. If you have to lay your refrigerator on its side, allow the lubricant to settle for a few hours before switching the appliance back on

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