Repair services


Refrigerator repair

Most common refrigerator problems

  • Fridge or Freezer doesn’t cool at all
  • Refrigerator doesn’t keep right temperature (normal is 0 °F and 37 °F)
  • Ice maker doesn’t produce ice
  • Water dispenser doesn’t work
  • Door doesn’t close properly
  • Refrigerator leaks water
  • Ice buildup in Freezer
  • Refrigerator makes noise

Freezer repair

Most common freezer problems

  • Freezer doesn’t cool
  • Freezer doesn’t keep temperature 0 °F
  • Door doesn’t close properly
  • Water leaks out
  • Ice buildup in evaporator cover
  • Freezer makes noise

Oven repair

Most common oven repairs

  • Won’t bake
  • Won’t grill
  • Oven temperature too low or too high
  • No air convection
  • Self clean function not work

Cooktop repair

Most common cooktop problems

  • The gas burner won’t light
  • One or several burners do not work
  • Burner heat too much or insufficient
  • Gas burner sparks all the time
  • Burner doesn’t turn off
  • Light indicator won’t turn off

Dishwasher repair

Most common dishwasher problems

  • dishwasher doesn’t fill water
  • dishwasher does not start cycle
  • dishwasher makes loud noise while washing
  • dishwasher leaks water
  • dishwasher doesn’t drain water
  • dishwasher doesn’t wash properly (dirty or wet dishes)

Washer repair

Most common washer problems

  • «dancing washer» washer bounces around
  • washer doesn’t spin dry, soak clothes
  • Improper or slow draining
  • door doesn’t unlock
  • washer leaks water
  • washer doesn’t fill water
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